(100) KJV Gospel Tracts


This King James Version Gospel Tract is absolutely the most effective Gospel Tract available!


This King James Version Gospel tract is absolutely the most effective way to get the good news out.  Our mission is to provide Christians with the tools they need to share their faith and the message of the Bible in the most effect and efficient way possible. The “Are You Good Enough” KJV Gospel Tracts are inexpensive, concise, and extremely easy to use.   This tract is very effective when sharing the Gospel with someone face to face.  Hand tracts to the cashier after making a purchase or leave them in public restrooms or waiting areas.  Every believer should have a tract on his or her person at all times. Become actively involved in the Great Commission by committing to giving out or placing at least 5 tracts per week. Tract booklet is 4.25″ wide and 2.75″ tall. (100 Tracts for $25)


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