Operation Doorstep

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Getting Started

The OPERATION DOORSTEP Program: Every church should have an organized evening for soulwinners to meet, pray, pair-up and go door to door in the community.  We hope that this website will serve as a valuable resource and provide the necessary tools to reach individuals and families within your community.

1) Office Supplies- We recommend that you obtain a few basic office supplies that will help you get organized. Items include a 3-ring notebook binder, some clipboards for the survey sheets and visitation record sheets. A file box to to store the visitation records in team folders along with blank forms, tracts, pencils, and other visitation materials.

2) Tracts- Find a good Gospel tract that will assist you with witnessing and that you will feel comfortable leaving with them. Most Gospel tracts today leave out many of the crucial elements such as “repentance” or “Faith” alone.  Each soul-winner should carry at least 5 to 10 tracts as they proceed out into the community.

3) Bibles- We recommend that each soul-winner utilize a small new testament that will fit discretely in his or her back pocket. This will limit any upfront opposition from individuals that you may encounter while approaching a residence.  We also recommend having some full Bibles available that you can carry on follow-ups for individuals that do not have their own.  Many communities have Dollar stores that sell inexpensive Bibles for one dollar or you may have a supplier that you already purchase Bibles from.

4) Church Brochures- Having some church brochures available with your service times make it very convenient for guests to be aware of all of your service times and activities available throughout the week

5) Operation Doorstep Materials- We recommend downloading the Neighborhood Survey, Visitation Record, Survey Log Sheet, and Subdivision Tacking sheet to assist you with your soul-winning efforts.  A description of each is detailed below and is available for free download.

Neighborhood Survey – (Click to download)

As you pair up for visitation in the community, one individual will have a clipboard containing the neighborhood survey sheets while the other will have a clipboard containing the visitation record sheet.  We recommend printing the survey on both sides in order to conserve paper.  The neighborhood survey is a great tool for “breaking the ice” on an introduction and we recommend that you use this tool to get the conversation going. The survey sheet is designed to move the conversation towards the real issue regarding their eternal salvation.  The final questions on the survey coincide with the the “Are You Good Enough” tract and it allows you to easily move into the “Good Person Test” in the tract.  As you knock on a door be prepared to introduce yourself and your partner.

Good evening! I’m ____ and this is _____, we are just out visiting from our church and looking to meet some of our neighbors in our community.  We are currently using a short 10 question survey that helps us see how we can serve our community better and was wondering if you would be willing to take a few minutes to help us.

At the end of the evening the information from the survey sheet will be consolidated on the “survey log sheet” for future reference documenting the contact.  The survey sheet can be maintained by the individual conducting the survey for future follow-up if necessary or discarded when both the front and back survey’s are completed.

Visitation Record – (Click to download)

One person will conduct the survey using the “neighborhood survey sheet” while the other logs and keeps track of the visit using the “visitation record sheet.” This sheet is designed to keep track of the apartments, and residences that have been visited and will assist you with re-visiting locations that were missed or if the occupants were not at home.

The visitation record sheet is designed to be stored in the file box in a “Team Folder” at the end of the evening. We suggest labeling about 4 folders in your file box as Teams 1 through 4. The number of folders you use or label will be based upon the number of pairs of soul-winners going out on Operation Doorstep.  We recommend only two soul-winners per team.

Survey Log Sheet – (Click to download)

The “Survey Log Sheet” is designed to go into your notebook binder and will keep track of the number of neighborhood surveys conducted each night on Operation Doorstep and will also be helpful with follow-ups and with guests that visit your church following visitation.

Subdivision Tracking Sheet – (Click to download)

The “Subdivision Tracking Sheet” will help you keep track of how frequent a team has visited a particular neighborhood. If it is a neighborhood with a unusually high turn over rate then you may be able to revisit that community again within a two year period.  This sheet can be maintained in the 3 ring binder and is also useful when planning future subdivisions that have not yet been reached with the Gospel.


Ending for the evening

Attempt to wrap up and return to church to meet with the other teams. List the names of all those that were witnessed to on a dry erase board if available so that they can be remembered by name during the closing prayer. Log each of the individuals names into the notebook binder on the survey log sheet.  This will serve as a helpful list in the future for follow-ups or as a call sheet for up coming revival meetings and such.  Allow time for each survey conductor to give a short briefing for each witnessing encounter so that the individuals can be prayed for and for others to be encouraged.

File your Visitation Record Sheets in the file box under one of the designated team folders so that they will be available next week and you will be ready to pick up right where you left off.  In the event that you are unavailable on the following week, others will be able to resume in that particular area.  Store any remaining tracts or brochures that were not passed out in the file box.  We recommend placing them in a smaller container that will fit inside of the file box along with a container of pencils so that everything can be stored neatly together for the next visitation.



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