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The “Are You Good Enough” Tracts are inexpensive, concise, and extremely easy to use.   This tract is very effective when sharing the Gospel with someone face to face.  Hand tracts to the cashier after making a purchase or leave them in public restrooms or waiting areas.  Every believer should have a tract on his or her person at all times. Will you commit to passing or placing at least 5 tracts per week?



KJV Gospel tracts are one of the most powerful tools you will use in your efforts to reach the lost for Jesus Christ. Gospel tracts have been around for ages, but finding a good tract may prove to be a daunting task.  Unfortunately there are many problems with many of the tracts that are offered today.  These points should serve as a guide when searching for an effective Gospel tract.

Common Problems with many of today’s Gospel Tracts

Many tracts are too long and “wordy.” Yes, you want to have a thorough tract, but this doesn’t do any good if the individual won’t take the time to read it.  We live in a fast pace world with short attention spans.

The issue of repentance has almost been completely removed from most tracts. The fastest way to make a “false convert” is to get someone to pray a prayer without stressing the need to depart from iniquity.

Some tracts are set up as comic books. This is fine if you plan to leave the booklet with them as an additional help, but the main tract you use should be concise enough that they can quickly go back and review the main issues concerning salvation after you have witnessed to them.

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