Operation Doorstep

Soul Winning & Evangelism


Operation Doorstep is a program designed to help equip believers for the work of evangelism and discipleship. The program can be implemented by churches, groups, or individuals who have a desire to reach the lost within their community with the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Every church should seek to have an organized time for believers to meet on a consistent basis in order to fulfill the Great Commission. 


King James Version Gospel tracts are one of the most powerful tools you will use in your efforts to reach the lost for Jesus Christ.

The “Are You Good Enough” KJV Gospel Tracts are inexpensive, concise, and extremely easy to use.   This tract is very effective when sharing the Gospel with someone face to face.  Hand tracts to the cashier after making a purchase or leave them in public restrooms or waiting areas.  Every believer should have a tract on his or her person at all times. Become actively involved in sharing your faith today.

100 tracts for $25


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